Oogi - Junior

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Oogi - Junior

Oogi is an irresistibly tactile and wonderfully expressive figure toy. There is regular Oogi and this is Oogi Junior - the smaller member of the family standing at 7.5 cm tall. With suction cup head, hands and feet, and long stretchy arms, it connects to any smooth surface. Oogis happily have been spotted playing in the bathtub, on fridges or mirrors. Oogis are very social beings: They love to touch, embrace, form chains and do crazy acrobatic tricks. Their favorite hobbies are Oogi Yoga, extreme climbing or darting onto windows and other targets. Oogis are at home in any genre from cliffhanger to slapstick comedy and suitable for all ages.

Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone rubber. Safe, durable and easy to clean.