Mermaid Island Cooperative Board Game

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Mermaid Island Cooperative Board Game

Watch out, Mermaids! The Sea Witch is on the move! The object of the game is to move all 3 mermaids from start to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch gets there. Because Mermaid Island is a cooperative game players play any of the mermaid tokens – no one player has a single mermaid she is trying to get back to the island. Players take turns spinning the spinner and moving a mermaid or the Sea Witch. Mermaids move 1 or 2 spaces at a time and can take the bridge short cuts. The Sea Witch moves only 1 space at a time and always goes the long way around. If the Sea Witch lands on a mermaid, the mermaid must go back to start. But mermaids can collect wand tokens which move the Sea Witch back one space. Players decide together when to use the wands and which mermaids to move to keep the mermaids going. Looks deceptively simple, but is a lively and strategic game of chase!

In a cooperative game players work together as a team against the game not against each other. cooperative games build community among the players. Kids learn to play together in a respectful and compassionate way.

Learning Skills

  • Strategy
  • Shared Decision- making
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Cooperation

Ages 5+ / 2-6 players

No Reading required