Last Polar Bear

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Last Polar Bear

Award-winning naturalist picture book collaborators Jean Craighead George and Wendell Minor present a poignant tale about a young boy desperate to save one of the last polar bears in the rapidly changing Arctic environment. Can a human boy help save a baby polar bear? Paddling through the Arctic Ocean in their kayaks, Tigluk and his aka-his grandmother-spot a polar bear cub on a faraway ice floe. But he is all alone and has lost his mother.... For decades, naturalist writer Jean Craighead George and acclaimed artist Wendell Minor have shared a deep appreciation for the natural world with young people. In The Last Polar Bear, they deftly weave an environmental message into a contemporary tale about survival and coexistence between humans and animals on our warming planet. The vivid, realistic paintings capture the beauty of the people, animals, and landscape of the Arctic world.