Fairy Door - Pink And White With Mailbox And Window

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Fairy Door - Pink And White With Mailbox And Window

Create a beautiful, colour coordinated fairy door setting with our PINK & WHITE Opening Fairy Door Starter Set! ....where everything matches ... and the door actually OPENS!

Hand painted in a beautiful soft shade of Pink with white surrounding timber and an enchanted picture behind the door.

Individually hand crafted, hand painted and packaged in Melbourne. As such it has all the natural texture and quality of hand-painted timber with the attention to detail that hand-crafted items have ... and it comes beautifully boxed, ready to give!


  • 1 Opening Fairy Door hand painted in a soft shade of Pink with white surrounding timberwork

  • 1 "Enchanted Path" Background Picture

  • 1 pink Mailbox with a tiny slot to insert your letters to the fairies
  • 1 pink window with enchanted background scenery
  • 2 pieces of white picket fencing
  • 1 jar of fairy dust

  • Fairy Door key (CHOKING HAZARD - is not suitable for young children without adult supervision)

  • 1 Fairy Certificate
  • Information Sheet

The best way to attach your Opening Fairy Door onto a wall, shelf or cupboard is with Blu-Tac (not included), this makes it much easier to take it off if you ever need to move it. If you would prefer a more permanent method, we suggest using double sided mounting tape or 3M Picture Hanging Strips (not included).