Debresk Big Crane Truck

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Debresk Big Crane Truck

Hand crafted in Sweden this stunning wooden Big Crane Truck is lightly oiled with linseed, highlighting the beauty of the organic pine and birch wood grain. Attach the hook, wind up the crank and off you go.

The philosophy behind the Debresk company is that toys have to be something you want to take care of, something to protect so that it will not be damaged. Providing children with toys made from living materials, cultivates in the child, an appreciation of beauty and contributes to a balance and harmony between the different senses and the intellect, as they play with the smoothly shaped, natural coloured wooden toys.

This exquisite piece will withstand many, many years of imaginative play and is sure to be adored for generations to come.

Measures 28cm long, 12cm high and 9cm wide.