3D Jigsaw Puzzle - Sneaker - Animal Trend 108 pcs

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3D Jigsaw Puzzle - Sneaker - Animal Trend 108 pcs

Casual design, cool colours, hip look, amazing 3D Sneaker Puzzle and Room Accessory!

Wow, this is a great style for cool kids! The Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Sneaker is a must for all kids who are looking for a really special accessory. Made of 108 puzzle pieces, our Animal Trends Sneaker is the ideal accessory that was missing from your own room. But it gets even better - with the easy to use inlay you can turn your new puzzle sneaker into a "miracle shoe". Search and find the small secrets and use the shoe to hold pens and accessories which look so much better than when they left all over the place!

• 108 numbered pieces (some may be hinged or curved)
• no glue is required for assembly as accurate plastic moulded pieces fully interlock
• additional solid moulded pieces for assembly
• tip sheet to assist with this new 3D puzzle concept

Finished Puzzle Size: 21.5 x 12 cm

Number of Pieces: 108

Ages: 8 years +